Data Validation

AQA specializes in third party data validation. Third party data validation defines the quality of analytical results with respect to laboratory contractual requirements, project data quality objectives, and regulatory compliance considerations while assuring stakeholders of reliable technical objectivity.

Our staff is predominantly composed of analytical chemists who have both extensive analytical laboratory bench experience and years of data validation work to their credit. In addition to the expertise of our staff in the field of analytical chemistry, AQA has a formal training program and internal peer review process in place to ensure delivery of a consistent and technically sound data validation product.

Our experience includes all common environmental analytical chemistry methods in the organic, inorganic, and radiochemical areas, as well as the less common techniques such as LC/MS/MS and HRGC/MS. The level of rigor in our data validation services depends upon the client and the applicable data quality objectives. Although we routinely perform data validation to our clients’ individual procedures, our most common validation services are performed according to procedures that are based on the EPA National Functional Guidelines, including AQA’s own comprehensive internal data validation procedures. Our internal procedures are currently the standard for several NNSA sites, the United States Geological Survey, and two Native American tribal governments.

AQA has performed data validation services for a wide variety of government agencies, including the DOE, DOD, Navy, USACE, and AFCEE, and continues to provide ongoing analytical chemistry technical support to major customers such as AFCEE, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, DOE, and BWXT Pantex Plant environmental systems.

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